Tanya Mouland (she/her)

Virtual / In Person

Tanya Mouland 

Neurodevelopment Coach and Movement Educator

Brain Gym® instructor and Educational Kinesthetics consultant

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training instructor

Movement Exploration instructor

Movement Based Learning instructor



As a movement educator and neurodevelopment coach, I use specialized integrative movement programs to empower and educate individuals and families experiencing challenges.  My Brain-Body-Heart Blueprint addresses all three aspects of our being: Balance (physical), Behaviour (emotional), and Brilliance (mental). Using specialized integrative movement, I work with the nervous system for brain-body connections and brain integration.



Babies, toddlers and children:  

The movements mature the nervous system, wiring up the different areas of the brain and organizing muscle tone to maximize age-appropriate abilities and skills. I work with sensory integration, delayed speech or physical development, nervousness, hyperactivity, emotional regulation, academic blocks, daily life skills. Parental support includes communication/interaction strategies, teaching the exercises to do at home, discussing additional methods to calm and organize the brain-body system.


Teenagers and young adults: 

Gaps in the brain-body connections begin to appear at puberty. Together, we establish and strengthen these missing pieces. As well as the physical and mental, we balance the emotional aspect in relation to whole body/whole brain connections. Some of the goals we’ve focused on include eliminating scoliosis, competition or academic anxiety, re-organizing the body after a growth spurt, emotional / hormone balance.


Parents and grandparents: 

Sessions with adults usually relate to stress and survival patterns in the body. The integrative movements reset the physiology to open up the nervous system and introduce more effective and efficient patterns in the body. Improved brain-body connections re-establish physical well-being, decrease pain, increase memory and focus, support changes in vision or hearing.



With all ages, there are additional components that can include permission, beliefs, generational work, trauma release. Each session is client-led within a specific 5-step process.

In addition to private sessions, I teach a variety of courses in Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement, and offer specialty workshops.


I provide a safe learning space where each client has the opportunity to unlock potential and experience daily life (physically, mentally, and emotionally) with ease and confidence.

To learn more about me and what I do, please visit my website at: www.moulandcoaching.ca

Contact Info

PHONE: 4167088714
EMAIL: tanya@moulandcoaching.ca