Michelle Cru

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Hi, I’m Michelle and I believe that some of us are born with really big emotions – that includes me!

Being sensitive is a double-edged sword. It comes with an extraordinary capacity to be lively, connect with others, generate insights, and experience joy. However, without solid regulation skills, a safe base, and a warm guide, we can also suffer tremendously and get lost on our path. Especially if we add in tough life events, traumas, or environments that aren’t a fit for us.

This might describe you. This might describe one (or more) of your children. It may feel like your relationships are strained or chaotic – in a way that is hard to get out of.

You are not alone!

That is where I come in! If you invite me to, we can work on untangling some of what is happening and find a way back to a more confident, mindful, and meaningful life. My role is to be present with you, value your expertise, understand your experience, and find a path we can travel together to meet your goals. We both have a piece of this puzzle, and whether you, your child, or your family are struggling with relationship dynamics, sadness, anger, anxiety, or deep-seated hurt, there is a way through!

I got into this field because I genuinely love people from all walks of life and our stories fascinate me. It is an honor to be a part of my clients’ journey and I take that trust very seriously, although I have been known to share levity, humor, and playfulness along the way. A few things about me! Outside of work, I like dancing, cooking/enjoying food, board games, singing, outdoor activities, and being a BIG nerd who researches everything. I am also a pet person who is currently 100% dedicated to a little rescue cat. Finally, I am a client myself – I walk the therapy walk. I will never expect you to do something I wouldn’t.

I work with children (age 10+), teens, adults, parents, and families. I am bilingual and offer therapy in English and in French.

If this sounds like a good fit, or you would just like to check out what we can accomplish together, please reach out for a consultation. I look forward to hearing from you!

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PHONE: 6479056128
EMAIL: michelledcru@gmail.com