Larchwood Nature Occupational Therapy

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Larchwood Nature OT began in 2020, offering private sessions at Larchwood Farm and its first group in the East End of Toronto. A sub-brand of Davis OT, Larchwood provides pediatric programs in Toronto, Etobicoke and Markdale. Much of what we offer is nature-based; however, occasionally we see children in a clinic setting when the weather is dismal or when working on printing & handwriting skills.

Did you know that it’s super good for you to get outside?? Of course you did. Now what if you saw an OT outdoors!? You get the benefits of nature PLUS Occupational Therapy. We offer individual and group sessions in nature for kids across the GTA. We have some favourite nature spots where we meet kids to explore hammocks, climb trees, jump over streams, tap into their senses, build structures and create art. Anxiety-prone kids know what to expect if their appointment is in a forest. There is also a large amount of research


the many benefits of using a nature-based approach in kids with ADHD and ASD. It’s the ultimate sensory experience! Come check out one of our Weekend Nature OT Groups, Summer Camps or a private session with Emma Greenberg, OT Reg. (Ont.). We see kids in all types of weather! Building resilience and problem solving skills one day at a time.




Occupational Therapy

We support neurodiverse kids in living their best lives! If we can do this in nature then even better! We have a wonderful team of pediatric OTs that have taken the clinic outdoors and assess and treat children, individually and in groups. 

We pride ourselves on our neurodiversity-affirming approach, leaning into a child’s strengths and superpowers. We advocate for a child’s needs at school, home, camp and extracurricular activities by creating mini-manuals and liaising with the other important “teachers” in their lives. We use mindfulness practices to support emotional regulation; sensory diets to fulfill a child’s needs; and child led nature play to promote social skill development. 

Our focuses include:

  • Neurodiversity (ASD, ADHD, etc.)
  • Sensory Differences
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Fine Motor / Handwriting
  • Gross Motor – coordination, balance, strength
  • Social Skill Development
  • Anxiety / Fears
  • Picky Eating
  • Executive Functioning – planning, organizing, problem solving, etc.

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Contact Info

PHONE: 6479332404