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For more information on the seminar series, and the June schedule, be sure to check out the information post on the “Whats On Now” page. We can’t wait to see you all for the Summer Seminar Series! Be sure to RSVP by using the links provided, as space is limited. Registration is through the designated topic expert’s website or individual form. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and sign up for multiple seminars.

All Seminars will take place at 1822 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON.

Helping Your Kids With Hard Things

Hosted by Shannon Deacon, RSW

Date: July 13

Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm 

Price: Sliding scale: $10-$20

Registration Link

“Release the Pressure!”

A little self-care time for moms, dads, caregivers! Let’s take a look at the impact of stress on the body, and learn exercises to calm and re-organize the brain-body system. This is a fully experiential workshop for stress release.

Hosted by Tanya Mouland

Date: July 13

Time: 10:00am – 11:30am

Price: $20/person or $30/couple or bring a friend ($15 each)

Capacity: 15 people

Registration Link 


“Why is my child struggling?” 

A look at natural development, primitive reflexes and sensory integration and their impact later on learning. Workshop includes brief background on development, various experiential activities and participants will leave with a few exercises that can be done at home to support brain-body organization for learning. Great for parents, grand-parents, caregivers, teachers, coaches.

Hosted by Tanya Mouland

Date: July 16

Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm 

Price: $20/person or $30/couple or bring a friend ($15 each)

Registration Link 


Growing in Motion: Motor Milestone development for your baby and child

This hands-on workshop for caregivers and children 0-3 years of age will review motor milestones and provide tips for progressing your child’s development in a fun, play setting.

Hosted by Paediatric Physiotherapy Associates

Date: July 29th

Time: 11:00am – 12:00 pm 

Price: Free

Register from the Paediatric Physiotherapy Associates Website – you can use the link below.

Registration Link


Safe and Sound Protocol (Polyvagal Theory)

Learn how to calm and regulate your nervous system. The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a listening program for children and adults to help with stress, anxiety and improved focus. This workshop is open to adults, caregivers and health professionals who want to learn more about SSP, how to access it for themselves or their child and how to become a SSP provider (health care providers).

Hosted by Paediatric Physiotherapy Associates

Date: July 30

Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm 

Price: FreeRegister from the Paediatric Physiotherapy Associates Website – you can use the link below.

Registration Link


Neurodiversity-Affirming Parenting: What is it and how do I do it?

This workshop will offer parents and caregivers an overview of this essential approach to raising neurodivergent children and offer practical tools and strategies to support you in connecting with and advocating for your child.

Hosted by Jessica Diamond, RSW,  The Help Hub

Date: August 1

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Price: Pay-What-You-Can, Suggested price of $10

Capacity: 15 people

Registration Link


Demystifying Dyslexia & Supporting Structured Literacy at Home

This workshop includes debunking common dyslexia myths, including those still prevalent in the education system, as well as a review the OHRC’s Right to Read report and the implications for children with reading disabilities.We will also explore structured literacy and the science behind reading.

*Hands-on tips and resources will provided to help families start helping children at home. And, a few lucky participants will receive a door prize! 

Hosted by Mary Jennifer Payne: Toronto Reading and Writing Tutor, Teacher, & Author

Date: August 17th

Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm

Price: $10-$20 sliding scale, cash or e-transfer at the door

Capacity: 20 people

Registration Link 

Back to School with Neurodiverse Kids: Kick off the Year with Confidence & Calm

This workshop will empower parents and caregivers of neurodiverse children with neurodiversity-affirming knowledge and tools to promote confidence and calm as they prepare for back-to-school.

Hosted by Jessica Diamond, RSW, The Help Hub

Date: August 20

Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Price: Pay-What-You-Can, suggested fee of $10

Capacity: 15 people

Registration Link


Mindful Parenting: A Night of Guided Meditation for Caregivers & Parents

As a psychotherapist specializing in children and families, I invite all parents and caregivers to discover the transformative power of meditation in managing stress and nurturing well-being. Explore the empowering benefits of meditation and unlock practical techniques to cultivate inner calm, alleviate stress, and enhance your capacity to support your loved ones. Elevate your well-being—reserve your spot today for a tranquil and rejuvenating experience! Participants will receive a Mindfulness Toolkit

Hosted by Bridgit Ganson

Date: August 23

Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm 

Price: Donation based (e-transfer or CPMHC website). All Proceeds go to CPMHC

Registration Link Coming Soon


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