About Beetle & Bear

Our Intention

Our Network aims to facilitate the link between families seeking help and therapists with expertise, diverse skill sets, and availability.

We aim to provide care for improving the mental, physical, and emotional health of children, youth, and families.

This Network has developed in response to a growing need for connection.  The goal is for families, children, and professionals, alike, to find a community of relevant, useful help, with caring, skillful peers and professionals.

Who Am I?

My name is Tamara Kerr (she/they), and I am a social worker and psychotherapist. I hold Masters’ degrees in Social Work and Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto, with additional certification in Infant-Parent Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (DipTCPP), Infant Mental Health, Resource Teaching, and Kinesiology.

My vision is to create a community for children, families, and their health professionals.  Beetle & Bear: Child, Youth, and Family Therapy Network is the realization of that vision, based on my experiences both as a parent and as a self-employed health professional working with children and families.

As a parent living in the East end of Toronto, I am aware of the challenges that parents face when seeking help and support for their children or for their family as a unit.  These challenges include sourcing effective and skilled therapists from various disciplines; ensuring open communication between multiple therapists with whom your child and family are engaged; and finding an easily accessible space for meeting those therapists.

At the same time, as a self-employed community-based occupational therapist, psychotherapist, and social worker, I have come to recognize the importance of having access to a team-like work setting and a network of colleagues, which offers a source of referrals as well as a resource for practice and skill development.

Welcome to Beetle & Bear: A network aimed at creating a connected community for children, families, and health professionals.

For Families

We cater to families who value uncomplicated access to a network of professional, non-judgemental, client-centered therapists working to improve the mental, physical, and emotional health of children, youth, and families.

what we Offer

Diverse roster of multi-disciplinary health professionals

Access to professionals specializing in work with children and families


Opportunity for self-directed exploration of various therapy options


Complete and comprehensive family care


Inclusive, accessible, and universally designed office and group spaces

For Therapists

We cater to health professionals who value working within a multidisciplinary group of self-employed child, youth, and family health professionals in an affordable, safe, supportive, professionally enhancing community space.

Membership in our Network provides access to:


Affordable space rentals with flexible terms

Group space or family assessment space available


Accessible, sound-proof, family oriented therapy space

Enhancement of your personal private practice


Access to peer and professional supervision

Resource sharing, professional development opportunities, & referral sharing