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What is the

Beetle & Bear Network?

A network of multidisciplinary health professionals who work with children, youth, and their families.

Through this Network, families can access a range of therapists whose expertise are focused on the mental, physical, and emotional health of children and their families.

Network membership for health professionals provides access to a team-like atmosphere, support and opportunity for enhancing your private practice, as well as access to affordable short-term and long-term office and group space rental in our physical location at 1822 Danforth Avenue.

The Health Professionals currently part of our Network include:

*Expressive Art Therapy *Movement Therapy *First Nations and Inuit Counselling *Occupational Therapy *Psychotherapy *Social Work *Acupuncture * ADHD Rehabilitation *Neurodevelopment and Life Skills Coaching *Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hoping to add more MULTIDISCIPLINARY health professionals to our Network

If you are self-employed and your work is focused on supporting the mental, physical, or emotional health of children, youth, and their families – please consider becoming part of our dynamic Network!